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ADRNA provides Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) services in Northern Australia designed to facilitate and assist individuals, families, communities and organisations to resolve conflict in a cost effective and efficient manner.

Our ADR processes are designed to manage conflict and produce mutually beneficial outcomes by empowering participants to:

  • maintain control of their decisions and options;
  • avoid adversarial and costly legal battles;
  • choose cost effective and efficient alternatives; and
  • limit blame and move forward.

What is mediation:            

ADRNA specialises in mediation, which is the process through which those in conflict are supported to identify issues, establish common ground, generate options and reach agreement to resolve dispute.

The mediator acts impartially to facilitate positive and collaborative discussion between the parties in dispute, rather than give advice or make decisions for the participants.

Why ADRNA:           

  • ADRNA has many years’ connection with Northern Australia. The personal and professional backgrounds of our practitioners has been forged in the north Australian context and we are therefore able to provide a specialised service based on our particular knowledge of the region and its people.
  • ADNRA is committed to developing a partnership with our clients and working on issues progressively rather than offering a one-off quick fix approach.  We recognise that in repairing / restoring functional relationships (commercial, workplace, community, family or otherwise) that the process takes time and we may need to revise and revisit agreements to ensure sustainability.
  • ADRNA’s practitioners are leaders in the field of mediation, not only practising but constantly developing their expertise and skill.   This ensures they are able to provide the highest quality mediation and conciliation services which assist parties throughout urban, regional and remote Northern Australia to resolve issues in dispute.
  • ADRNA practitioners are neutral and objective.   They ensure that the mediation is fair, and focuses on generating beneficial options while facilitating an outcome through reality testing.
  • ADRNA’s practitioners are nationally accredited.  They are highly experienced legal or social science practitioners with a proven track record facilitating complex disputes.
  • ADRNA’s specific expertise relates to disputes in the following areas
    • family;
    • relationships;
    • wills and estates;
    • retail and residential tenancy;
    • commercial;
    • agricultural;
    • environmental;
    • native title;
    • mining;
    • franchise;
    • workplace; and
    • community.