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Family Dispute Resolution

Family Dispute Resolution

Family conflict is highly stressful and can result in people feeling there is no possibility of resolution.

Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) allows people to retain control of their own outcomes and avoid costly and stressful legal battles.  Our qualified and experienced practitioners have over 40 years’ experience working with families in conflict and creating a process and environment through which parents and relatives can achieve plans and agree settlements in a way that allows everyone involved to move forward with their lives.

Why Northern Mediators:           

Whatever the family composition or culture, we provide the highest quality FDR services which assist families throughout Northern Australia resolve sensitive issues. These disputes may include:

  • separation and divorce;
  • parenting plans and agreements;
  • extended family (including grandparents);
  • conflicts between family members;
  • special planning for children’s needs; and
  • division of property and other assets.

Our practitioners are accredited by the Federal Attorney-General and have a proven record assisting families to resolve disputes. Your practitioner will adopt a neutral role; that is they will not ‘take sides’.  They will facilitate a constructive, solutions-focused discussion, based on an expert model endorsed by the Family Court of Australia which includes:

  • exploring the issues in dispute;
  • identifying common ground;
  • generating beneficial options;
  • reaching agreements; and
  • testing the fairness and sustainability of options and / or solutions.