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Workplace Dispute Resolution

Workplace Dispute Resolution

Employers and employees are jointly responsible for developing and maintaining a safe, healthy workplace.  Good working relationships underpin the quality of a workplace and conflict results in the loss of productivity and morale.

An effective dispute resolution process can enable organisations to resolve workplace conflicts and avoid further escalation.  Legal fees, anxiety, and disruption caused by unresolved issues can be alleviated altogether.

What is Workplace Dispute Resolution:           

Northern Mediators provides the highest quality dispute resolution services which assist management and staff in organisations throughout Northern Australia to resolve workplace issues in dispute.  These disputes may include:

  • conflicts across management, staff and their representatives;
  • workplace plans, strategy and agreements;
  • defining and recognising people’s roles, responsibilities and needs in the workplace; and
  • settling disputes over performance appraisals, remuneration and employment contracts.

Why Northern Mediators:        

All of our practitioners are Nationally Accredited practitioners who align themselves with the standards set by their National Accreditation Bodies. In addition, most of our practitioners practice as legal practitioners throughout Australia and are experienced in handling disputes which involve complex legal issues.

Your Northern Mediators practitioner will adopt a neutral role which is focused on facilitating positive and collaborative discussion between the parties in dispute. This process will assist the parties with:

  • Exploring the issues in dispute;
  • Identifying common ground;
  • Generating beneficial options;
  • Reaching agreement; and
  • Reality testing.